....as theological as I can get.....

....as theological as I can get.....

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Emoto Water Needs New Glasses

Water makes up 70% of this planet, and roughly 70% of our bodies. We drink water to nourish ourselves, flush out toxins, and stay alive. Obviously, we rely on clean water for our existence. But, is clean water enough? How about happy water? With good self esteem? What about the religion of water?
Enter Dr. (of something) Masaru Emoto.
I used to work at a bookstore...You know, those places where people used to go to buy books-no, not e-books, pieces of paper with words printed in ink and bound together. Yes, they still make them...and one of my favorites in the store was Masaru Emoto's The Hidden Messages in Water. Emoto, spiritual guru and ultimate hippie conservationist, believed that because our bodies and the Earth are composed mainly of water, water, therefore, has it's own energy. The more positive it's energy, the better we as people function and the healthier the planet is.
To prove his point, he took tap water and yelled at it. 
Ok, that needs a little more explaination. But really, he did. He took a bottle of water, called it a fool, played it some Metallica or Japanese death metal or something and then froze it. Later, he took pictures of the water's frozen crystals to see if he could see the effect the negative music and harsh words had on the water's self esteem. The crystals looked like this:
    Then he did the same thing to another bottle of water, but told it something nice and played it some Mozart or CCR or something..The crystals looked like this:

    Makes sense, the vibrations effected the water. You can read into the spiritual stuff if you want to. Anyhoo,
    more recently, Emoto has emerged with a new theory that water can not only listen to it being called names, but can actually read mean words written about it. This poses some serious questions, like, "Water has eyes?" So, in the same fashion as the previous experiments, Emoto took bottles of water and showed it pictures of insulting words, and also pictures of Hitler. Here are the results:

    Now, you are probably wondering what this has to do with anything I usually blog about, but people who believe this, REALLY BELIEVE IT. This is being adopted as a way of life, and is almost religion status. Praying to water, praying for water and living for water. Emoto is gaining spiritual followers, and who is to say what is far fetched anymore? I mean, honestly, how far out is this idea when you place it on the mantel next to E-meters, Kaparot and exorcism? 

    Just some food for thought...or drink..that didn't really work, but you get it.
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    Monday, April 4, 2011

    Its in the water!

    Water has it's place in the spiritual realm. Some get dunked in it, others sprinkled. It can be the blood of Christ, or.... 

    purchased at the bodega on the corner!

    Next up: Emoto Water Needs New Glasses!
     ...stay tuned...