....as theological as I can get.....

....as theological as I can get.....

Monday, March 28, 2011

Once again, I have failed at blogging! Time to catch you up!

Hello bloggsville. I have returned, determined to resume regular posting.
Allow myself to reintroduce, myself..Julie Marie, 26, currently living in Utah, newly divorced with one 5 year old lil' girl (Ave). Baptized Latter Day Saint (Christian faith) at 8 years old, lost my faith around 13 and have never really understood or cared to return to or find another faith to practice. Oddly enough, around October of last year (growing up makes you second guess all those posh, hip beliefs you, at 18, adopted as truths..Just ask my right arm's Vegan tattoo) I started thinking about churches, and God and the connection between the two. Does God live in a church? Do I need a church to find God? And in a Seinfeldish manner, I had to ask myself and the world, "What's the deal with all these Churches?" How do you choose which one to go to? I didn't have a choice as a kid. I just went..Unless there was a new Ren and Stimpy on. I don't know how everyone else was raised to view religion, but I was brought up in one church, one faith, one idea. Just one. Yah, I've got some Jewish blood running through my veins (the Jew Hair don't lie), but I've only been to temple a handful of times, and only around high holidays or before bar mitzvas.
So, curious to act on this new interest to learn more about church, religion, God, prophets, mysticism, myths and everything else under the broad, broad heading of THEOLOGY, I started this blog back in January. I started out strong, determined to visit a new church every week, but after a month of heavy church exploration I only found myself more confused and burnt out than ever. So in March, the blog went on hiatus and I chilled out.
Now, I'm back. Tah Dah! And what a time to be back! Easter, Lent, Pentecost, Spring, Rebirth...I'm such a sucker for timing.
Up next: Holi Fest, AKA the Festival of Colors. Yeah, I went. In Utah. I know, right?


  1. How fascinating it must be! It's like living a world religions course, lol. Glad you are looking for truth. Hope you find it!