....as theological as I can get.....

....as theological as I can get.....

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fully Briefed

What follows is a conversation via text between myself and JS (JS is my one Catholic friend, and oldest friend on the face of the planet). T-12 hours before I hit up my first church, St. Peter Parish-Mass tomorrow at 10:30 am. I have never been to church by myself, much less an intense Catholic one.

Me: I'm going to Mass tomorrow. What do I wear?? Do I just show up or what? I'm getting weirded out about going...
JS: Formal casual is usually the garb, people don't really show up in ties and flower dresses..but ur in Utah so who knows. Everywhere else is nice casual.
Me: :( I'm really nervous. Totally out of my comfort zone to go. Do I just show up and sit down? Or do I have to tell someone I'm not Catholic?
JS: Just show up and sit in a pew, stand, sit and kneel when everyone else does. When its time for communion, do not get up and go..about half of the people wont go. Ur supposed to have confession before u eat communion. When tithing happens they just pass a basket around, ur not required to put anything in. Again, The Church is very loose, everything is very repetitious and ancient..
Me: What do I do with the kid?? Is is like tambourine church where she goes to a day care? Does she stand, sit and kneel with me?
JS (calling me at this point): Look, these people probably aren't  tightly knit. Just sit and watch. It will probably go quick...Just wrangle your kid, don't do anything offensive and try not to stare. The Catholic Church doesn't need more members so you wont be pressured..well maybe the Utah Catholics.

Alright...wish me luck. I'll have a full report tomorrow. 

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  1. FYI..JS lives in California where I am originally from. Phew..Clarified that one!