....as theological as I can get.....

....as theological as I can get.....

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Tomorrow. 10AM. First Apostolic Church of Salt Lake City. (Pentecostal Church)

I will just preface tomorrow's post by letting you all know that:
1. I know nothing about this faith.
2. Finding a listing for a Pentecostal congregation in Utah that was active every Sunday was not easy. I had lots of random leads (manta, yellow pages, etc), which led me to sites that were no longer active, and phone numbers that had been disconnected.
3. When you plug the word "Pentecostal" into your search engine, a suggestion of "Pentecostal Hairstyles" will pop up. When you image search those hairstyles, pompadours and intricate braids akin to the ones worn by my FLDS relatives will dominate your Bing image page. 
**Here's why: An apostolic hairstyle is one that's associated with the Pentecostal religion. Typically, orthodox women of the Pentecostal faith don't cut or even trim their hair, instead growing it as long as possible. 
I'll give you a run down on the hair, the sermon and the experience tomorrow, I guess!


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  1. OH MY GOD. i'm excited. josh's crazy "desert" family out in CA that no one really talks about are all pentecostal. such crazy stories. and the women have hair like this. seriously.